About us

Mermaid Capital Sp. z o.o. is a part of Mermaid group, present on polish real estate market for 20 years through its Mermaid Holding Ltd and Mermaid Properties.

We specialize in complex developer investments:

  • preparation of the product concept
  • organization of funding
  • carrying out the complete construction process, from the project, through arrangements, up to commissioning
  • service of existing office buildings
  • handling the sales process of finished office investments and also the sales of apartments in  residential projects

Our experts have several years of professional experience successfully supported by projects completed by Mermaid Group Companies:

  • "Prosta 69" – transformation of renovated postindustrial buliding into offices
  • "Pałac Młodziejowskiego" – adaptation of XVII-th Century palace located in Warsaw’s old town on Miodowa 10 street. Property is rented by polish OSCE branch.
  • "River House" – housing estate located on Bluszczanska street. Project has been already completed.
  • "Aleksandria" – housing estate located on Piłsudskiego street in Aleksandrow Lodzki.
  • "Jasna 26" – renovation of prestigious tenement house along with an added new backhouse   located on Dabrowski square in Warsaw,
  • "Libra Business Centre" – set of two office buildings of total 25000 m2 rental space located on Jerozolimskie street in Warsaw,
  • „Tatrzańska" – housing estate in Lodz.
  • "Aleksandria I" - housing estete in Aleksandrów Łódzki.

Currently we run 5 projects:

  • Aleksandria II - housing estate next stage
  • Cross Point C – office building
  • Cross Point A – building management - administration and adaptations of the space connected with the rotation of tenants
  • Nordea Horizon - building managment

We are proud of our investments due to high level of pre-renting & renting office space and very dynamic sales of apartments in residential projects. We measure satisfaction level of our Clients by awards we received: Eurobuild Awards, extension of lease agreements for apartments - cordial relations with those families who live in our housing estates.

Currently run projects:


Aleksandria - housing estate is located in Aleksandrów Łódzki on Jozefa Pilsudskiego 18-24 street, which is only 20 minutes drive from „Manufaktura” – the biggest shopping mall in Lodz – rapidlygrowing capital of Lodzkie District.


Osiedle Tatrzańska

Tatrzańska housing estate is perfect combination of modern architecture with timeless classical aesthetics which will be present in 3 five-storey buildings combined into a coherent whole. Fence settlements and monitoring system provides the residents a sense of security and a feeling of comfort.




Completed projects:

Libra BC

Libra Business Center - Libra Business Center – modern office investment, which consists of two separated buildings located on Aleje Jerozolimskie street in south-west Warsaw. Center offers nearly 26000 m2 A-class office space.


River House

River House - „River House” is a residential estate located on Powisle District in Warsaw on Bluszczanska street. Settlement consits of 94 apartments in 3 buildings.


Jasna 26

Jasna 26 - „Jasna 26” - renovation of prestigious tenement house along with an added new backhouse   located on Dabrowski square in Warsaw. Investment offers totally 5300 m2 of office and commercial space.


Pałac Młodziejowskiego

Mlodziejowski's Palace - built in second half of XVIIth Century, which has been thoroughly renovated and modernized. Now offers the highest standard office space with unique qualities of historic building at the same time. Palace is located only 150 m from Royal Castle (pol. „Zamek Królewski”) in Warsaw.



Cross Point Award

Cross Point Award